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Movie Review-Ish: My Thoughts On 'The Divide'
Evil Mirror Bunny

The general concesus about this movie was, well...BAD. I seriously, SERIOUSLY disagree.

First off, I mostly watched it 'cause of Milo Ventimiglia. I'd watch just about anything he's in. That said, I liked this one a LOT more than 'Pathology'. For one, the all round acting in 'The Divide' was WAAAYYY better (even Milo's).

Though the thing that really makes me like this movie, is how realistic a portrayal (for me, anyway) it is of 'human' nature. Or, plainly, the nature of people - which is to say that people - mostly - just like to fuck each other up.

It frankly reflects my own feelings about people in general these days pretty well. The fact that, given the opportunity, people WILL screw each other over, and that they are all, when it comes down to the basics, selfish. And the few GOOD people...basically always get a raw deal.

Now, in this movie, the 'good person' I'm referring to - or rather the one that got to me - wasn't actually the lead female character. Although she, too, was in my opinion, a 'good' person. No, the one who I thought REALLY got a raw deal, and totally didn't deserve it, was Josh's (Milo's character) brother, Adrien. He was just this sweet, quiet, cute guy, who never does or says anything bad to anyone else...and yeah - VERY RAW DEAL. But it just goes to show you, yet again - people SUCK...

Though this movie DOES NOT suck. It is, obviously, VERY disturbing, and gory, and bleak. And honestly, I usually avoid anything 'realistic'. But I really liked this. Whether that's 'cause it fits my own mostly bleak moods these days (and the fact that YES, I also do think people suck), or just because it was very well acted by all involved, and the atmosphere of the movie kinda...pulls you in, I don't know. I think it's a combination of those factors, really. But I found it very compelling, and I hadn't really expected that.

I'm not the type of person who'll say 'Hey, go watch this movie!' But for those who might have thought about it...it won't be a waste of time, believe me. Just a warning again, though - it's NOT pretty. It's NOT nice. It's twisted and just a bit sick at times. But hey, I really freakin' liked it!


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