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Happy (Un-Official?!) Birthday, Pippin & Lola!
Evil Mirror Bunny
I can hardly believe it myself...but today, a year ago, I adopted my two little angels!

It feels like just yesterday, that I brought a squirming, tiiiiny little Pippin, and a slightly off-color Lola (she'd been spayed just the day before, the poor darling!) home. Within the next few days after that...I thought quite a few times 'what have I gotten myself into?!' They were a handful! But before I knew it, they'd crept so deep into my heart, that I can't imagine my life without them. They make me smile and laugh EVERY DAY. When I feel bad or down, they lift me up in seconds.

To sum it up: they're my Four-Legged Children - my Kids, my Babies! I love them more than anything in life, and I hope I'll share many, many, MANY more 'birthdays' with them!

And here they are! My beautiful Babies!



Doesn't she have the PRETTIEST eyes?!



And yes, he's smiling in that one! :D




So there they are - my gorgeous Little Ones! Again, don't ever ask me what breed either of them are - it's a mystery! But they're the most beautiful pooches EVER to me!

Pip and Lol - Mommy loves you!!

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Aww, they are gorgeous! Happy Birthday to them! :)

My Abby celebrates her 1st birthday next Saturday, I can't believe how time flies.

Aww...I love your icon! And I always love to read YOUR posts about Abby (even if I don't always comment - sometimes I see them a few days late - AND I'm sorta avoiding LJ at the mo...).

We are SO blessed to have our 'Kids', huh?! Like I said, they light up my life everyday!

And plenty of hugs for Abby, too - I hope she has a great birthday!

Aw, thanks! *grin* No worries at all... I've been really busy myself so I have some LJ catching up to do.

Absolutely!! She really brings me a lot of joy, especially with all I'm dealing with in my divorce. I'm so thankful for her!

Thanks hon! I'll pass your hugs and wishes on to her :)

Happy Birthday poochies! Oh I remember when we went to get them,they were so small.especially Pips,and he looked so sweet and innocent. . . Give them each a hug from me,I will do the same when I see them again! :-)

Thanks hun - I'll pass on those hugs!

And yeah...Pippy LOOKED so sweet and innocent...until we got home and he was like 'Jackpot - NOW I can go nuts!!'

Oh, and I'm sure they can't wait to see you again - so they can attack you as always! :P

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