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Another Slight Rant?!
Evil Mirror Bunny
So last night, I took a little trip down memory lane. For the first time in about, oh...two, maybe almost three years or so, I watched some Heroes - Season One, that is.

Just got me thinking again...how much writers can muck a brilliant show up. 'Cause yeah, Heroes' first season WAS totally awesome - filled with so much promise, and great plot possibilities. Then what happened? Huh - only THEY'D know, but it took such a quick downhill slide from it's second season onwards...

Not to mention, dropped plot lines, that we'll now never know the meaning behind. Like, for instance (and the one thing I was always most intrigued about) HOW the heck DID Peter get that scar?! Ugh, it makes me so mad!


Seriously, it seems the best shows always either die too young (Carnivale) OR they die a slow and painful death - case in point, Heroes.

And I'd rather not say which other show is heading down that same road. Damn you, powers that be, network executives, and dumb writers, for not letting our shows go in peace, when they're still great. Instead of us having to suffer watching you ruin them slowly.


Ahem. Right. Pardon that. Rant over. Now I'm waiting to be stoned to death...


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