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Fic Rec: Possibly the Best Supernatural Fanfic EVER...
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And This Great Blue World of Ours by vail_kagami

I've read a lot of really great Supernatural fic. I have quite a long list of favorites, actually. But...I think I might have, during the last week or so, read the best one to date. In fact, I literally just finished reading it a few minutes ago. Heck...I had to dry the tears before I started to write this. Because some of my other 'favorites' have also made me get a little teary, in the past. But this...this just made me outright CRY. It's literally the most beautiful thing I've possibly ever read.

And people...it makes me want to go smack those 'real' writers of the show upside the head and say: 'THIS is what our Boys are capable of. THIS is what Supernatural CAN be'.

Because truly, Eric Kripke might have created Sam and Dean - and Cas - but what vail_kagami did with this fic, is remind me of why I love the Winchesters and their fallen angel so much. She took the things we love about them the most...and multiplied them by like, a hundred. And she made it BELIEVABLE. This fic is basically the end of Season 5 on STEROIDS. And y'all know me - Season 5 was IT for me. So for me to say 'hey, this person went and made something BETTER than Season 5'...well, you gotta derive from that at least halfway how amazing this fic is.

You might start reading it and think 'boy, this seems bleak'. And it IS. It paints a very bleak picture. It's dark, and disturbing, sad, and sometimes even painful. But DUDE, do not let that scare you off!

Because if you love the Boys and Castiel like I do...then you know they never give up. And in this...my goodness, in this that is more apparent than ever. I'll say it again: it makes me mourn for Network television and it's stupid constrictions. Because THIS is the show I'd want to watch.

Seriously - vail_kagami - THANK YOU for this piece of utter brilliance. To me, you put all the actual writers of SPN to shame with this fic. They don't have even half of your imagination - and most importantly - your insight into these characters. With this, you showed ME, at least, what Sam, Dean, and Cas (and others!) can REALLY be, when they're in the hands of the RIGHT writer.

So THANK YOU, Vail_Kagami! You're awesome! And to everyone else...READ THIS FIC! AND SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT IT!

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Well I'm only halfway through the fic but I do agree it's the best fic I've read in a long time.And you are right,this is the way Sam,Dean and Cas really are like and the writers are just messing with it!

Believe me, hun - I can almost guarentee you'll also be in tears by the end! Oh - and thanks for re-posting it at All-Spn. Though...I think it might not go over too well, there. They seem to be very...pro-S8?!


Ahem. I really actually wish I could have this fic printed out. Really. She took my favourite plot line in SPN and made it BETTER! This is just...beyond words awesome. But okay, I'll shut up, now! You go read the rest! ;)

I agree!! I COMPLETELY agree!! I've been reading this story ever since the first chapter was published and I've loved (and suffered) every second of it! Thank you for putting it into words! I think it's simply the best SPN fic EVER and now that it's over I just wish I could find anything else that filled me just half as much.

Can you believe the author was insecure about the story at first? But, seriously, the whole SPN fandom should read this story, we are incredibly blessed to have vail_kagami and her stories (ATGBWOO is her masterpiece, but I guarantee you all her other stories are outstanding, check them out!).

You're right! vail_kagami IS an absolutely awesome writer! And I have read some of her other stuff...and I'm certainly planning on reading more!

I REALLY liked Hitori Kakurenbo - it was just SOO creepy ( and I'll never look at Spongebob in the same way again!). Then there's also Above and Below. It has a prequel, too, but I think it's only on AO3? Though it's really great, too!

Writers like her are just what we need in the fandom! She reminds us of how awesome these characters are!

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I can say without shame that I've read everything of hers. I came across one of her short stories (which are all painful but oh so incredibly worth it too!!) called "I Wait Now Only for the Wind and never looked back ever since!! I admit I kind of stalk her journal...

The prequel of Above and Below is also in LJ, you can find it here!. And yeah, Hitori Kakurembo was one of the creepiest fics I've ever read. If you haven't read them yet, I strongly reccomend also Smoke Drifting By and Look Back in Anger. Oh, and Here We Still Remain! (even if Sam/Castiel is not your thing, don't let the pairing push you away, everything vail_kagami writes is primarily about the brother's relationship).

In fact my favourite season is also Season 5 (followed closely by Season 4!) because there's so many wonderful and angsty possibilities there!! It makes me happy to see an author that find so many original paths and develops all the potential of the show to the maximun! The characters I love, are the characters she portrays.

Sorry for the fangirling, but I'm glad to find somebody else that feels as strongly as I do about this story (and this author). I really think the whole fandom should read her stories.

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Dude, don't ever apologize for fangirling! Great fanfic that do the Boys justice is ALWAYS worth fangirling over!

Thanks for those links! I'm kinda disappointed that not ALL vail_kagami's stuff is on AO3 - I only read what I can download. Although I already did download Look Back in Anger, and Smoke Drifting By.

But again, you're totally right - this author's work SHOULD be read by the whole fandom - she's AWESOME!

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Is it gen fic or is there any slash pairing? Because I'm not into incest.

There's no slash pairing - though I wouldn't really call it a gen fic! But there's no Wincest or anything. Don't let the NC-17 rating scare you off! Like I said, it gets quite disturbing at times (it's Lucifer and Demons and the other angels - it's to be expected!) but it's too awesome not to read because of that. Just read the fic warnings and such if you're easily squicked, though. But nope - no slash.

Ok, thanks for your reply. Maybe I should try it :)

You give me writing too much credit! But thank you so much for this rec, it made my day. I'm thrilled you liked it this much - it's the people enjoying it that gives a story value.

This is still not giving your writing ENOUGH credit! But I meant every word - this fic was beyond amazing. And it meant a lot to me personally. I'm going through a stressful, kinda crappy time in general...and the time I spent reading this took me away from all that. It distracted me like nothing else could. So again I want to say...THANK YOU. For putting all the effort into it, and giving us this brilliant fic!

I'm sorry you're having a difficult time, even though it makes your praise mean even more. We read to let the stories take us away from the real world for a while, and it makes me proud and happy that my work helped you accomplish that.

As it happens, things are stressful for me as well at the moment, and your review made me feel pretty awesome about myself for a while, so thank you for that!

I hope things get better for you soon!

I'm REALLY glad my post meant something to you! I wrote it literally minutes after I'd finished 'And This Great Blue World Of Ours', so the emotions were still fresh!

I'm also sorry to hear you're having a stressful time - I truly hope it gets better for you soon, too!

And thank you for YOUR comments! Oh, and by the way, I friended you! :)

Oh dear. I was not notified of this comment, and now I feel shitty because it looks like I've been ignoring you. I wasn't. I just happened to come across this by accident while going thorugh only posts.

Thank you for the friending! Now I finally friended you back!

Awww...sweety, don't worry 'bout it! Just look at me: took me days just to reply to YOU - and I WAS notified?! Total scatter-brain at work, here?!

That said, you also shouldn't feel bad, for the fact that I really don't spend a lot (or any, lately?!) time on LJ anymore. It's mostly because I want to avoid any and all spoilers concerning SPN...but yeah, I don't even read all that much anymore, and fanfic IS my main reason for being on LJ. *sigh* And of course, WRITING fanfic, too...which I just can't seem to do anymore, either?! What can I say, life and it's realities have just been...getting me down?! I did write a whole (morbid?!) post about it a while ago (one of my 'Update' posts).

But yes, point is, DON'T feel bad for taking long to reply! I wouldn't even think you were ignoring me!

Anyhoo, I hope all is well on your side! And thanks for friending me, too!

Well, weeks and months is quite a difference still. But I'm glad you're not mad.

I am the same, I'm mostly on LJ these days to make my recs, if I can work up the energy. Sometimes it's hard to work up the energy to get out of bed, so I hear you. I did start to write again, though, so I think I'm slowly getting over my slump. I hope things will get better for you as well!

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