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Warning: Seriously Pissed Off Rant To Follow. Aka What I Think About Season 8 Of Supernatural
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Right. Well...I just wanna start off by saying, I don't usually do this. Heck - I NEVER do this. 'This', being, basically bitching about something that you don't like in your favorite show. I keep my opinions to myself, 'cause it's each person's own choice what they think of something - I don't want to, say, influence someone by giving MY views on something.

But okay, THIS time, I just can't shut up. I'm frankly too pissed off to NOT vent about this.

Yeah, 'THIS' being...the spoilers of Season 8 of Supernatural. Now I'm only talking the ones that they let 'slip' at Comic Con. Now, most (if not all?!) of you know I always avoid spoilers. So how come do I know about these? Well, because - like an idiot - I didn't think they were gonna go and blab out that much at Comic Con. I'd just wanted to see what had gone on there. Much to my freakin' regret, now.

That said, my first point is: WHY the fuck DID they blab out so much about the next Season? I mean, if you want people to actually WATCH a new season, don't TELL them what's gonna happen. Just tell them to wait and WATCH what's gonna happen. 'Cause now instead, they give away all this shit - 'ooh, this is gonna happen, and we're gonna do this'...and in the process they're LOSING viewers. Yes, LOSING viewers. 'Cause honestly, I'm a loyal fan - a VERY loyal fan. But I swear to Chuck...I don't wanna watch THAT! For so many, various reasons, I think their plans for Season 8 SUCK ASS.

Firstly, 'cause it's practically Season 6 Take 2. Or...'Lisa 2.1' - skip one year, someone has a girlfriend, having a 'normal life'. Now, I personally liked Season 6...from episode 10 or so onwards. Before that...not so much. Mostly BECAUSE of the Lisa and Ben story-line. It didn't WORK, people. And now, hey, waddaya know, they wanna make that mistake AGAIN?! Namely, bringing a fucking chick into it. And oh no, not even one we knew, but a total stranger.

And as bad as that is, it's not even the worst of it. From what I understand...Sam doesn't bother to try and find Dean? He just...moves on with his life? Even finding a girlfriend along the way?! FUCK NO!!

'Cause, #1: On what PLANET would Sam not move heaven and earth (no pun intended) to find Dean? And he sure as shit would not hang out with chicks in the meantime.

#2: The whole 'normal life' thing? Didn't they just spend 7 SEASONS trying to prove that Sam was over it - the whole 'wanting a normal life'? Only to just...revert back to that crap, 'cause what, they've got nothing better to do?!

#3: And this might just be me...but I've always liked how Jess was Sam's one true love. How it just...never felt right with any other girl with him - because deep down he just always...loved Jess. And now they finally wanna say, 'oh, no, he's over Jess, now'. Well...I don't WANT him to ever be over Jess! 'Cause even though she was in the show for all of five minutes, I LIKED her. She just WORKED with Sam. No other girl ever has - even the ones they tried, like Sarah and Madison and *puke* Ruby. None of them ever felt...right. That part might really just be me, but hey...it's how I feel. I just can't SEE Sam ever being with someone else. It would feel ALL WRONG!

#4: And this is probably the worst of all of it...they are, once again, inevitably going to 'split up' the boys. 'Put strain on the relationship between the brothers', or what the hell ever. Point is, they've done it to death, too, and it sucked EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I mean, they keep doing that. We just think it's finally great between Sam and Dean - they're close again...and then bam, the writers go and pull the whole 'distancing' them thing. Fucking stupid. Plain and simple.

#5: Er...and WHAT about Cas?! Now there's suddenly another dude that helps get Dean out of Purgatory. Hello? What about Cas? More specifically, what about Loony!Cas - y'know, the one from the end of Season 7? Like, basically the only GOOD thing to come out of Season 7? I LOVED the slightly unhinged, mental patient Cas. He was great! And yes, why bring in someone else? And a vampire, to boot? Shit, I'm telling you, I'm smelling an Alpha!Vamp plot coming a freaking MILE away with this one. *snore*

Okay, heck, enough ranting. I get incoherent when I rant. Especially when it comes to the Boys. I'll say it again, I LOVE Supernatural. I am a loyal fan. But the writers are doing the WORST thing anybody can do to a long-running show - slowly torturing it to death. We could have had an amazing, beautiful ending, if they hadn't gone beyond Season 5. 'Swan Song' still IS the best ending the show could have had. But no, they wasted it, and now they're just fucking everything up. I mean, for me to actually seriously consider NOT watching Season 8...says a lot. I'm not planning on leaving the fandom - I'll watch my dvd's of seasons 1 through 6 'till they turn to dust, and hey...thank GOD for fanfic! But yeah, I dunno, I'm not gonna sit through something that'll be painful to watch. Season 7 was already borderline just that...so no, I'd rather remember the Boys how they were when the show still had integrity. Which they so don't have anymore, now.

And speaking of integrity, some would argue that Sam having a girlfriend would mean more potentially shirtless Sam? Well not even THAT would make me watch it. 'Cause that's just low.

Right. Enough said.

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Rant away, hon. I basically feel the same way.

It is seriously out-of-character for Sam to just ... not even TRY to look for Dean. I was watching one of the Comic Con interviews with Jared and he tried to explain it, and have it make some sense with the whole "Sam is truly truly alone and he doesn't even know where to begin" thing. But I just can't see Sam totally giving up! Surely there are other hunters around, I can't imagine that he just wouldn't talk to anyone.

I am really hoping that they just threw out some of these spoilers to hype everything up, and that what we'll see won't be the disaster we're thinking. I really want them to show Sam at least trying *some*thing to find Dean in the beginning.

And you're totally right, I can't see that he'd be back to the "wanting a normal life" thing. After so many years I thought he'd put that past him, it wasn't gonna happen.

This does sound a lot like season 6, and even season 4 in a way (with someone helping Dean get out of Hell-er, Purgatory). One thing I hated about season 4 (besides Ruby) was how the brothers were being led apart from each other, Sam by Ruby and Dean by the angels/Zachariah. I really don't want to see something like that again.

I really am hoping it won't be as bad as we're thinking. I love J2 and Misha, but I think I would have preferred to see the show end at season 5 as well.

I'm so glad someone agrees with me! Because really, it's like they're taking all the WORST possible scenarios...and making them the focus of the new season?!

You totally point out a lot of stuff I also hated about season 4 (like Ruby, lol!). It's always awful when they bring 'other' people into it, that come between Sam and Dean.

And really, REALLY...there is NO way Sam wouldn't search for Dean. I don't care HOW alone he is, or how he doesn't 'know where to start' - it just doesn't make sense at all, and it IS so very out-of-character. There's just...no excuse for it. It's completely ridiculous! And the same with the whole 'normal life' thing. Like I said, they've spent 7 Seasons nailing it home, that Sam DOESN'T want that anymore. So what the heck are they trying to prove now?!

Ugh, I dunno, it's SOOO frustrating, what these writers are doing to our boys! I mean, I DON'T want to NOT watch the show, but dude...I don't know if I'd be able to stomach all that. I'd need a puke-bag the whole time!

I just can't even talk about this anymore - I keep getting angry all over again!

Thanks for commenting, though! ;)

Yeah, I mean they're basically ripping away the heart of the show - which is Sam and Dean. Even when Dean was in Hell, Sam tried to get him back. I understand if they don't want to show him doing the same exact things now, but they don't have to! There are plenty of other ways to show Sam doing something to try and find Dean! Trying to locate Crowley, for one.

Ugh... yeah I get to a point where I just have to step away from it all. People who seem to like this sort of thing always point out that "When the brothers are driven apart from each other, it tests their bonds and when they come back together it makes them even stronger." Er... whatever, but I think they're doing it in the worst possible way. Sam being away at Stanford, leaving Dean in Scarecrow (but then going back to him near the end), that's the way I like to see it. I have to admit I cringed back when we got the spoilers for season 3 about the two "female characters, possibly hunters" that were joining the show mainly so that Jared and Jensen could have an easier workload. But even then we still had some nice brotherly goodness.

I am seriously trying to think positive about this, that maybe it won't be as bad as they're saying... but it's not too easy.

I totally understand! Think I need a break now too, lol... After hearing some of this, I took a short break from SPN fandom and started getting back into some of my other shows. It does make me feel better.

No problem! ;)

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