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Pissed Off...and Happy Birthday Jared?!
S7 Promo B&W Close-Up
Well yes, pissed off, 'cause Scrapbook is kicking me ass...or rather LJ in general is.

'Cause I ALWAYS post on Jared's B-Day...and add a nice pic of him. But NOOOO...for some reason I can't..

So anyway, here's my half-assed post, then...


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Scrapbook is so annoying now. No more sub-albums and pics are in places they don't belong... *sigh* I also hate how you can't post a smaller version of a pic and link to the original size. Instead they just resize it. :(

Happy Birthday to Jared! Can't believe he's 30! I feel so old lol

Yeah...y'know, I don't get why sites - like LJ - always go change things...when there's nothing wrong?! And then the 'new improved' versions, are everything BUT?! Bleh... I made a bug report-thingy, and now they're basically insinuating it's my 'Device'. Well shit, my 'device' never had problems with the old format Scrapbook! Idgits.

But yes, again, here's to Jared! 'Cause seriously...he just keeps getting more gorgeous, if that's at all possible. And I SO wanted to post a pic or two - from a set taken at SDCC. You should go check it out! Their such gorgeous photos!

Go check 'em out HERE!

Me neither! Like they say... If it aint broke, don't fix it! I can't see how this is an improvement in ANY way. We can't even have subalbums anymore, it makes everything so disorganized! :(

Absolutely! He gets better with age like fine wine :) Aww hon, do you have an account on Photobucket, Tinypic, Imageshack, any of those? That's what I did with my pic and I just linked to it in my LJ post. I LOVE those pics!! Thanks for the link! I could just stare at them all night... *sigh*

I do have a PhotoBucket, but uploading there is kind of a pain for me, too. Like I've said, I use my Smartphone to do everything (don't own a PC or laptop or...anything?!) and it's a bit of a struggle. But like I ALSO said...I use to be able to use Scrapbook just fine. Now they've gone and screwed it up. :(

That said, I discovered a Symbian App for LJ last night, and downloaded it to my phone. So far it SEEMS like it might get the job done (haven't used it to post, yet). I think it's a very new App, 'cause I've looked for LJ apps for my phone before, and there weren't ever any. So hey, here's to hoping it'll work?!

Well at least you remembered to post. . . ;-) but yes,Happy birthday to Jared!

As if I'd forget! But yeah, I'm sad :'( I REALLY wanted to post one or two of those pics from SDCC... Stupid LJ...*grrrrr*

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