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Happy Birthday Sammy + Something On My Mind...
S7 Promo B&W Close-Up
Well...I'm ALMOST late...but I didn't forget!

So...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAM WINCHESTER! Here's to many more of that gorgeous face!

On a side-note, I still mostly keep away from all things SPN-news-like. Buuut...I have heard about the critisizm Jared is getting for declining to go to some Cons this year?
So I just wanna take this opportunity to say: You people who are bitching 'cause of it...don't deserve to call yourself 'fans'. You're not 'fans', you're ass-holes. Respect the man's decision, and give him a freakin' BREAK?! He works his ass off 9 months out of a year, declines movie roles that could be great for his career, and sacrifices time with his family - and new baby - to bring us Supernatural.
So seriously, grow the fuck up.

Right. 'Nuff said. Goodnight!

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Happy Birthday to that gorgeous boy :)

Yep, Jared isn't attending Asylum or Asylum Europe. But he said he didn't even know about them. Sounds like there was miscommunication on his booking agent's part. I certainly don't blame him for that at all.

He also just canceled the Paris con. No one knows why yet... he'd been confirmed for it and was even telling fans at the Rome con this weekend he was going to be there barring some major problem. He'd even said Gen and the baby might be there. I'm curious to find out the reason behind the cancellation but if he wants to spend time with them I totally understand. And I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he was getting stressed/burnt out doing all these cons, and filming having just ended, etc. Poor guy signs up for so many cons, I can't blame him for wanting to take some time away to spend with the family. Just a bit weird how he suddenly canceled the Paris one. I hope something isn't seriously wrong. :(

Edited at 2012-05-02 10:46 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I dunno - people can be SOO dumb. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if this scares him off cons completely. 'Cause apparently there were some of these 'fans' who complained about him not wanting to take any more photos at some point at JIB. After he'd said 'Please, no more photos'. Again, can't they just respect the man's wishes?!

Anyhoo, on a different matter...totally off-topic...how are you?! I haven't been on LJ AT ALL lately (spoiler-avoiding!). But I was checking out one of your Puppy!Sam picspams a while back, and I noticed you mentioned something about a new puppy keeping you busy? Did I read right? 'Cause I can tell ya...I know ALL about new puppies keeping one busy! :P My 'Kids' are always keeping me busy!

Oh I know, it amazes me how entitled these fans act! I also saw a video of some fans who ambushed him, Jensen, Sebastian and Jason Manns outside the hotel when they just arrived. This one girl kept tormenting them asking them for hugs. Jensen took a pic with her, and then she hugged him and he looked soooo awkward (I would be too if I was in his place!). Jared basically brushed her off and made for the hotel entrance. I don't blame him one bit, they were all probably very tired after the trip there and wanted to check in to the hotel. I also remember hearing that at one of the Asylum cons last year, a fan snuck in a kiss on the cheek at her photo op with him and he wasn't happy about it.

I keep thinking back to those girls who rushed him at the airport in Argentina when he was there with his sister. He looked pretty freaked out in the photos and videos I saw. He's such a sweet guy, but I don't doubt after encounters like this it's making him wary. I know people adore him and some don't get much of an opportunity to see him, but we have to remember that he's human like we are and to respect his wishes.

Oh wow, do you have a year? LOL. Things have been crazy. I left my husband - he was emotionally/verbally abusive and after I got my puppy that was the last straw. I'm looking into divorce proceedings now. We've only been married 8 months but he was not the man I thought I married. I'm back with my parents and feeling a lot better. She sure does!! She's a ball of energy - foxhound/coonhound (maybe beagle as well) mix. She's almost 7 months old now and she's super smart. I've got my "online time" as she's napping... otherwise she'll pretend she has to go out but it's only to get my attention, lol!

So sorry to hear about your marriage woes! But yeah...men, huh?! Been single all my life, and I'm REALLY not looking to change that. I also live with my parents, and hey...I'm also happy! Who needs men, anyway?! :P

Oh, I SOO get what you say 'bout the puppy! I adopted two from our S.P.C.A in October last year, and I'm telling you, at first I was like, 'oh my gawd, WHAT have I gotten myself into?!' But now...I can't imagine my life without them! They literally brighten up every day! I've absolutely no clue what breed either one of them are - they're both like, total mixtures of about every dog on the planet, I think...but to me they're the most beautiful dogs EVER! That said, I actually think Lola (the girl) might be an alien..?! :P She's just so weird and wonderful, I don't really think she's from this world! And she's also very intelligent - sometimes she just looks at you in a way that says... 'I know EVERYTHING that you're thinking...' Heh.

Yes,happy Birthday to Sammy! And Jared is a great guy who obv just needs a bit of a break! Some people are just idiots! ;-)

Yeah, hun, really - people ARE total idiots! And like I said, not 'fans' at all! Douchebags!

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