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Evil Mirror Bunny
So...just another quick update.

Things are still the same - the Kids are keeping me busy. My four-legged kids, that is. But it's worth it - I'm loving every second.

That said, free time is a bit limited of late. And yeah, I know I post installments of my fic very rarely, but I want to officially say that said fic will be put on hold for a bit - indefinitely.

A huge sorry to my two loyal readers: ngc_lover and frozen_rose818 - I feel like I'm seriously letting you guys down, now. But I honestly can't do NR&LC any justice at this point. And y'know me - I WANT to do it justice!

So yet again, I'm really sorry to say that 'November Rain and Lightning Crashes' has been put on hiatus.

Meanwhile, here's another pic of my babies!

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Aw, they are so adorable :)

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