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Just Popping In...Update of Sorts?!
Evil Mirror Bunny
So...I've been away for quite a bit. And yes, I AM still on spoiler-avoiding detail - though now it's for Season 7. I have finally watched Season 6. Not all of it yet, but everything's a bit of a slow-going process lately.

So...WHY are things slow going? Well...because I have two new adopted kids! Okay, not KIDS-kids - two new puppies! And to me they ARE my kids!

They've been with us for three weeks, now, and yeah...they keep me VERY busy. But I'm loving every second of it!

Also, they're very close to my heart, these two, for like I said, it's the first time I've adopted from our S.P.C.A. Yep, I think Jared would be proud - I rescued two dogs!

So here are my two little angels.

Everyone - meet Pippin and Lola:



P.S: For some reason, LJ's making these pics I'm linking here from my Scrapbook show up blank. :( But PLEEEEAAASE click on said blanks and look at my babies!!!! :D

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Stupid LJ. . .They are precious,you know I love them too. :-)

I know, hun. Who WOULDN'T love them, though?! But frankly, you're their Godmother, so... :P

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