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"November Rain and Lightning Crashes" 28
Brothers 2
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November Rain and Lightning Crashes
Continued from 27

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual Content

* * * * *

* * *

Road Trip, Day Twenty-Four

* * *

"Er...I think Dean has a point," Mary said, eying the things - supplies - she and Sue were loading into the trunk of the Impala.

"Which is?"

"Sam's lost it."

Sue chuckled. "Why?"

Mary gestured vaguely, as if to indicate the situation. "This...camping business. It's...well - stupid?"

"Are you saying your boyfriend's stupid?"

Mary nodded, face dead serious. "Yes, I am."

"Hey - I heard that," came Sam's voice from behind them. Mary didn't seem much fazed by it, though. She just shrugged, rolling her eyes at Sue.

"We've got one more stop to make," Dean also spoke up, a little out of breath from helping Sam haul the rest of the equipment to the car.

"What's that?" Sam queried.

"Uh...pharmacy. For...first aid stuff. And bug spray. And...stuff."

Sam frowned. "Stuff? Yeah, that's...a clear enough explanation, thanks."

Dean gave him a glare. "Yeah Sam - stuff. For, y'know, when a bear attacks us and we need to get stitched up or have to keep our guts from falling out 'till we can get to hospital? 'Stuff' like that?"

"Dude, there aren't any bears in the area."

Dean just grunted.


Mary was standing in the pharmacy, in front of the - well...sexual health rack. She didn't really know why she'd gravitated in this direction, only now here she was, embarrassed, and wondering what sort of 'supplies' she and Sam were inevitably going to be needing quite a bit of. Stuck in the small confines of a tent, night after night, in the middle of nowhere, while Mary would definitely need 'distraction' from thoughts of spiders crawling up where they had no business, or getting eaten by wild animals, or abducted by aliens... Oh yeah, they were gonna need it, alright.

Only, Mary had never really realized that said 'supplies' had so many...variations. Okay, so she'd KNOWN, but she'd never actually had to decide what to get. Now here she was, totally clueless. If Sue had been with her right now, she'd be laughing her ass off. Though she was currently off getting whatever else they would be needing on their...camping excursion. Ugh.

"What're you doing?"

Mary nearly had a heart-attack as the familiar voice spoke up from right behind her.

"Jeez..." she complained, giving Sam a slight glare. "For someone so...huge, you're really freakin' stealthy. Don't creep up on me like that."

Sam just smirked. "You didn't answer my question."

Oh, God, Mary thought, her legs going a little unsteady under her. 'Cause yeah, Sam was just being...evil. He was using THAT voice of his - the one Mary had, in the last few days, intimately come to know as his 'sex voice'. Ahem. She shook herself a little. "I...uh..."

She still had her back to Sam, not wanting him to see - and inevitably comment on - her blushing. Again. It was a wonder she wasn't stuck in a state of permanent blushing with him around lately. Though then he proceeded to stand even closer to her, his front tight against her back. Apparently also studying the...paraphernalia in front of them.

Then, quick as a flash, one of those gargantuan hands reached out, grabbing a few things off the rack and chucking it into the shopping basket Mary only now noticed he was holding. Mary was still gaping when he walked off, still smirking.

"Hey - what did you just - I didn't see..." she dumbly called after him in vain.


* * *

"Dammit - what the fuck?!"

A couple of tent poles came flying, landing a few inches from Mary. Closely followed by Dean stomping towards them. He pointed warningly at Sam. "I should kick your ass for this. This...this is...it's stupid!" He threw his hands in the air, then turned around and stomped off in the direction of the water.

Mary raised her eyebrows. "Er...someone's in a good mood?"

Sam sighed, putting down their own tent's things, and walking over to where Dean had been trying - and failing miserably - to put up the other one. Mary followed.

"Maybe...this isn't such a good idea," she said, worriedly watching as Sue also aimlessly wandered around their little campsite. She looked just as - if not more - grumpy as Dean.

Sam sighed again, picking up the tent poles, patiently putting them in place. "Look - I just thought...maybe a break from everything we normally do might be nice. Some...change of scenery."

Mary gave him a doubtful look. "But...have you SEEN those two? And you want them together in a tent? I dunno - I'm fearing murder, here."

Sam glanced at her. Then he shrugged. "Honestly...I don't care."

Mary gaped. "What?"

"I'm seriously kind of fed up with them. Let them do whatever the hell they want."


"I know what you're gonna say, and yes, I DO mean it." He straightened up, giving Mary that 'I mean business' look of his. The force of that dead serious intensity never failed to get Mary's complete and utter attention. Not to mention make her go all gooey. "Nothing we say or do is gonna make any difference with them. I know my brother, and he's the world's most stubborn ass. And can you convince me that Sue's not exactly the same?"

Mary cringed a little. "No." She paused. "But...what then? I...I hate seeing them like this. Tell me that doesn't bother you?"

Sam shrugged. "Well there's still nothing we can do. Except let them just...work their shit out. On their own," he added forcefully, seeing Mary's protest coming and forestalling it.

Mary pouted at him.

Sam suddenly smiled. "But meanwhile...we have a tent of our own...and I am NOT gonna let those two spoil our holiday too."

"Holiday?" Mary frowned. "Um...well, have I told you that this isn't really my idea of a nice holiday?"

Sam smirked. He came closer and wrapped his arms around Mary's waist. "Ever thought that maybe I've got a few ideas to make it really nice for you?"

Oh. And there was that damn voice again. Sam was such a cheat.


"So...how're you doing? Or is that a stupid question?" Mary asked, planting herself next to Sue, who had been sitting on a fallen log a little distance away from their 'campsite'

Sue frowned, not really meeting Mary's eyes. "What d'you mean?"

"I mean, you and Mister Grump over there."

Sue looked vaguely in the direction of where Dean was standing by the water - exactly where he'd been for about an hour already. "What about it?" Her voice was slightly darker.

Mary sighed. Sam had probably been right - it WAS pointless to try and do or say something to make things better between Sue and Dean. The only people who'd be able to fix things with them, was them themselves. Problem was it seemed that was the last thing they wanted to do.

At that moment Mary noticed Sue watching her. "What?" She asked warily

"Quit worrying about me...and him," she waved a hand vaguely in Dean's direction. "I can deal with it." She rolled her eyes at the incredulous look Mary gave her in response. "Yeah, I know it doesn't look like it. But just...quit worrying. You've got...other things to deal with. Or, y'know - one big thing. Like, around six foot four big, with messy hair..."

Mary promptly gave Sue a punch on the shoulder, finally managing to get a smile out of her.

"Speaking of Gigantor," Sue went on, "...how's it, y'know...going with you two?"

"Going?" Mary asked, eyebrows raised.

Sue rolled her eyes. "Y'know what I mean. Just...last night when you said that you still can't believe it's...real? So...does it feel any more, well...REAL yet?"

Mary scrunched up her face in thought.

Sue smirked. "That wasn't a trick question, y'know?"

"No, I know. But...it's just..."

"Oh my God, here we go," Sue said, with yet another eye roll.

Mary nudged her against the shoulder again, looking indignant. "Hey, you asked!"

"I know, I know. So...what is it, then?"

Mary still had the thinky face on. "Well...I dunno, really. Maybe it's just me, being me - still in disbelief over it all..."

"That could be..."

Mary ignored Sue's interruption. "OR...well, I...sometimes I just get the feeling like Sam's...holding back?"

Sue made a thoroughly confused face. "Huh?" Then she suddenly looked like she got it. "Uh...d'you mean...holding back, as in...holding back?" She had a very suggestive, mind-in-the-gutter smile as she said it.

Mary tutted irritably. "Trust you to make this about sex. But...well..." she paused, looking sheepish. Sue's grin broadened, causing Mary to frown in affront. "That's just part of it, okay? At first I just thought it was 'cause I'd never done...anything before. But it's not that. It's just...a feeling okay? Like...when you told me 'bout what Dean said 'bout him? His apparent 'temper' problem? It's like that. I feel like...he hides pieces of himself from me?" She scrunched up her face again. "Does that make sense?"

For a second it looked like Sue wanted to crack a joke again. Then her face became thoughtful. She looked over at Sam, him and Dean seemingly in conversation about something trivial. "No, I get what you mean."

"D'you think I'm just being stupid? Imagining it?" Mary asked, her voice downcast.

Sue shrugged. "Hate to break it to you, but I wouldn't know. That's apparently just one of the perks of dating a damn Winchester..."

"Campbell," Mary corrected quietly.

"Pfft - please. On paper, maybe. But they're Winchesters, alright. Complicated and difficult as hell."

Mary smiled a little. "But we still love them."

Sue looked at Dean. She sighed. "Un-fucking fortunately."


"Now...this isn't so bad, is it?"

Mary snorted at Sam's hopeful tone of voice. Across the fire they had going, there wasn't any kind of response from Sue or Dean, either. Other than both of them STILL looking grumpy, that is.

Sam sighed, prodding at a log on the fire with a stick. "Guess not," he muttered. After some time, he tossed the stick aside. "Okay - I think we're gonna turn in. Come on." He grabbed Mary's hand, prompting her to gape at him with a confused 'Wha...' Sam just ignored her, dragging her along to their tent.

The silence next to the fire was only broken by the occasional crackle of the wood burning.

Finally, Dean cleared his throat awkwardly. "So...here we are, huh?"

Sue gave him a look, raising her eyebrows.

Dean picked up another stick, following Sam's example of prodding at the fire. "Well this isn't awkward at all," he muttered.

Right at that moment, there came the unmistakable sound of Mary giggling. It was immediately stifled, though. But not for long. Soon followed even more unmistakable noises - sounding suspiciously like moans.

"Aaand it just got even more awkward," Dean went on. "Awesome." He stabbed at the fire a little violently, prompting a shower of sparks.

"Won't help killing the fire," Sue mumbled.

"Oh, believe me, it's not the fire I wanna kill." Dean glared at Sam and Mary's tent.

"Well hey," Sue said, her face all fake brightness. "At least someone's enjoying themselves."

Dean just grunted. It was a little hard to miss that Mary was 'enjoying' herself.


Mary crouched down at the entrance to the tent, then pitched forward, tumbling inside. "Jeez..." she muttered, crawling further on her hands and knees, 'till she reached the sleeping bag. "This is cramped as all hell. How are you gonna fit in here, with your gigantic a..." She faltered as she turned over onto her back, leaning on her elbows.

Sam was crouched only a few inches away, and he grasped her by the ankles, pulling her closer. He instantly glided his hands up her legs, finding the button and zip on her jeans, undoing them and pulling them off in one swift move.

Mary cleared her throat. "Well...you just don't waste time at all, do you?" She commented rather nervously. There was something in the calculating slant of Sam's eyes that had her heart going double-time.

Then she abruptly broke into helpless giggles, as he unexpectedly dug his hands into her sides and began tickling. Her giggles soon made way for a startled gasp, that broke off into a moan when his hands closed over her breasts, fingers pulling and pinching at her nipples through the material of her top.

Mary attempted very valiantly to stifle her moans - she was very aware that Sue and Dean could easily hear every single thing from right outside. "Oh, God..." she muttered, as one of Sam's hands made it under her top, "...Sam...we...we have to be quiet!" she whispered vehemently.

Sam paused, his head coming up to look Mary in the eyes. He raised one eyebrow. "Oh?" Mary made a 'duh' face in response. Sam only smiled - a smile that sent off even more warning bells than the look in his eyes had. "I'll take that as a challenge, then." He bent his head towards her, biting one nipple hard.

Mary yelped. "Ah...um...what, what the hell does that...mean?" she squeaked.

Sam looked her in the eyes again, smirking evilly. "Try and keep quiet...if you can..." Then he kissed her.

Mary had the distinct impression it was going to be much easier said than done.


Needless to say, Sue couldn't stand the audio porn show for very long. Not that escaping to her and Dean's tent would help much, but she tried it anyway.

Her and Dean's tent. Great, Sue thought - like she needed to spend the night THIS close to Dean when things were...what they were between the two of them. Crouched in the small space, Sue rummaged through her bag for something to sleep in. She was a little startled when she heard the tent zip opening. Hiding her discomfort, she just went about her business, though, as Dean's head poked in.

"Um...fair warning - I'm coming in?"

Sue didn't turn to face him. "Whatever."

"Right," Dean mumbled, sighing. He made his way inside, grunting and swearing a little under his breath at the discomfort of having to manoeuvre in such a cramped space. He finally settled onto his sleeping bag in one corner.

After a while, he huffed an awkward little laugh, causing Sue to frown at him. "What?"

He shook his head. " Nothing. It's just...all this..." he gestured vaguely at the tent they were in. "Sammy's bright idea."

"What about it?" Sue asked again, still frowning.

Dean glanced at her warily. "I just...I'm getting the distinct impression those two are...ganging up on us, or something. Like we did to them?"

"And that's of course a totally stupid idea, 'cause it'll never work, right? Doesn't matter WHAT they do." Sue muttered bitterly, shoving clothes into her bag, her back turned to Dean.

She heard him sighing. "Sue, that's...I...I didn't mean it like that, okay? I just meant...they're not very subtle. I mean...with the audio sex show earlier, 'n all?"

Sue nodded. "Yeah. Then of course there's forcing you to stay in close confines with me. Must suck really bad for you."

Sue was startled, her heart pounding away abruptly, when she was suddenly pulled backwards, into Dean's arms.

"You still don't get it, do you?" He spoke into her ear, voice sounding sad - defeated. "You make it sound like...like I hate being around you. Like I don't WANT to be close to you. But...that's so not it..." he added quietly.

"Then...what? I DON'T understand - so tell me. Explain it to me." Sue said desperately. She felt Dean's head resting against the back of her neck, felt him shaking it: no. "Dean?" she prompted once more.

"I...I can't," he mumbled, before roughly turning her around in his arms, so she faced him now. He pulled her into a kiss, holding her head steady with both hands.

After that it all happened in a haze - clothes being struggled off, panting breaths mingled with moans and impatient growls.

Sue was expecting the usual - THEIR usual - hasty, rough 'n tumble sex. Though she was again surprised, when Dean pulled her against him - both naked now - and just held her close.

Her heart was pounding, and she was almost dizzy with arousal. Abruptly she wanted to panic, thinking he was gonna stop - now, like this.

Though instead, he drew back a bit, looking Sue in the eyes. He took her legs, manoeuvring them to wrap around him, so she was effectively straddling his lap. Still looking her in the eyes, one hand tangling into her hair at the back of her neck, she felt him move. She gasped at the feeling, his hardness prodding at her, then finally sliding inside, as he grasped her around the waist to pull her onto him.

Sue vaguely realized that they were gonna give Mary and Sam an audio sex show right back, now, as she didn't - couldn't - suppress the heartfelt moan she let out, her body shuddering all over.

Dean pulled her into a kiss, swallowing more of the noises she made, still moving languidly inside her. When he broke the kiss, he moved both arms around her, one wrapping around her waist once more. With his other hand, he stroked her back - from the base of her spine, slowly up to her neck, where he gently dug his fingertips into her scalp. Sue shuddered again, shivers traveling down from under his fingers, all culminating at the ache inside of her. She let her head fall back, closing her eyes against the intensity of it all. Thought immediately she felt Dean's grip tightening, fingers twining into her hair and pulling her head towards him again.

"No," he muttered against her mouth, "...don't...don't close your eyes. Look at me." At the same time he pushed into her harder, his hips bucking into hers.

Sue let out a little yelp, which Dean again silenced with a deep kiss. When he broke away, he once more tightened the grip on her hair, keeping her looking into his eyes. "Here," he growled, "right here. I wanna...see your face when you come."

Sue vaguely thought that he'd seen her come plenty of times. But then again...never like this. It had never been like this. It was like some kind of weird mixture of torture and bliss, being this closely entwined with him, his heat buried deep inside of her, while looking into his eyes. It wasn't just that ache where he was inside of her that was becoming unbearable, but also the growing ache in her heart that she couldn't stand anymore. Something had to happen...

Just as both those feelings began to crest, Sue couldn't hold back anymore. "Oh...God...I...I love you. I love you..." she uttered brokenly, at the same time her climax ripped through her, causing her to tighten her arms around Dean, holding onto him for dear life. She didn't notice, however, how Dean's body tensed at her words, the way his movement faltered a little.

What she did notice, though, when she began recovering her scattered awareness, and when Dean had began moving once more - harder, more desperately - was when his body tensed the second time, and the bloom of heat deep inside of her right at that moment. Sue realized it was another thing about this time that was different from all the others - something she'd never felt before: Dean coming inside of her. She let out a broken moan at the thought, a spasming aftershock going through her, making her shudder in Dean's arms.

Long, blurry moments later, Sue felt herself being carefully laid down on the sleeping bags. When Dean tried to move away, she made a noise of protest. She heard him sighing. "Okay. Okay." he said quietly, slipping in beside her, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tightly against him.

She fell asleep before she could hear the last words he muttered, sighing into Sue's neck.

"Can't keep doing this, Chili."

* * *

Day Twenty-Five

* * *

"What the heck're you doing up so early?"

Sam nearly spat out his mouth-full of coffee as his brother's hand came down on the back of his neck. "Dude, give a guy a little warning, will ya?"

Dean chuckled. "Aww, Sammy - all those years at Stanford made you soft?" He planted himself next to Sam. "But man, I must say, I would've thought that you didn't get much sleep last night. I mean...I could HEAR you probably didn't get much sleep." He winked at Sam, a wicked little grin on his face.

Sam tried to suppress his own self-satisfied smirk, shrugging. "Guess I just don't need much sleep, s'all."

Dean continued to grin. "Wow, Sammy - never thought I'd say this, but I'm proud of you, man." He nudged Sam's shoulder.

Sam nudged back. "Shut up," he muttered, blushing a little.

After a short silence, Dean cleared his throat. "I'm serious, though - I...I'm glad, for you and Mare. Glad that things are, y'know...going well with you two." He chuckled again, "I still kinda feel like an ass that I didn't see there was something between you two, before...but yeah, I really never noticed it 'till Sue..." He frowned briefly, but then smiled again, "...anyway, at least it all worked out, huh?"

Sam frowned a bit, too, but nodded. "Yeah. Yeah it did work out." He paused. "Hey, Dean?"


But before Sam could go on, there was the sound of a tent being unzipped, and out crawled Sue, looking thoroughly disheveled. She squinted at the light, then straightened up, stretching. Spotting Sam and Dean, she made her way over.

Dean was watching her warily, Sam noticed. Sue, however, didn't pick up on it. She went up behind Dean, crouching down, and put her arms around him. "Morning," she said brightly, her voice still husky form sleep. The happy look on her face soon dimmed, though, when Dean carefully shrugged her off.

"I gotta go check on my car," he mumbled, getting up. Both Sue and Sam watched him go with slightly dazed expressions.

Once they were alone, Sue glanced at Sam. Before he could again say anything, she got up, too. "I seriously hope you've gotten the 'camping bug' out of your ass, now. 'Cause I'm fed up. We should leave."

With that she went back to the tent, leaving Sam to work through the last few minutes.

He might have told Mary that they should leave Sue and Dean to sort things out on their own, but it was quite obvious that wasn't working. On the contrary, his dumb ass brother and his issues were only making things worse. Something had to be done.

Sam sighed, getting up and going over to his and Mary's tent. Seemed they were gonna leave today, after all.

* * *


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Yay.The camping bunny finally woke up from its coma.I was really starting to worry that he would roll into the fire,but now he is doing a happy dance around it.I'm really glad you finally posted this hun.And its good. . .sad,but good.*Hugs*

Heh - yeah, that poor Bunny, huh?! But yes, he's finally awoken!

Now...let's just hope the others don't take nearly this long?!

Next in line...the Waitress Bunny! :P And only you'd know what I'm talking 'bout. Other people reading this'll be like 'wtf?!'. But I love when we can use our own personal 'code'. Heh. :D

*hugs back*

Oh wow! I am loving this story. This has to be one of my fav Supernatural stories of all time.
I'm not sure why but when I try to read the next chapter of this it says error. If you could please help me out. I'd love to read more of this story. Thanks so much.

Oh my...thanks SO MUCH for the compliment! And for reading my fic! It's really quite awesome to know that someone (other than my best friends?!) is reading it, and actually enjoying it!

That said, I feel really bad, now... :( The reason why you can't get to the next part, is 'cause there isn't a next part, yet! It's been put on hiatus - I made a brief post explaining about why and such, a few posts after this one?

Thing is, the story is planned out only a little further than this, and I still haven't really thought of how it should end. Although I do want to end it in a way that would leave a possibility for more in this 'verse.

But I'd love to hear your thoughts - what you like the most about it, and what you maybe don't like? Maybe some feedback would kickstart my plot-bunnies back into action?!

I'd love to hear from you again! And once more, thanks for your comment! It means a lot!

Oh, I'm so sad to hear that. I read all 28 chapters in one setting. I got a little obsessed.
What I liked about this story was probably everything. Inparticular, though I love how you write Sam and Dean they're so spot on. Also your OFC's are awesome. I know it's wierd but, I kind of like when women aren't full of themselves and they're a little insecure. I think that's why I relate so well to Mary. I hate how in most fiction the woman is always this ubber confident bombshell. Your characters seem more real to me because they're flawed. Anyway hope you update soon. Cause I'm so depressed about this being an unfinished story.lol

Wow. Again, I can't thank you enough for the nice things you say! Because honestly, the things you say you love the most...are the things I love the most! One is allowed to love things about one's own writing, without sounding arrogant, I hope?! But what I mean is, I love my characters - I made them, so I have to love them! Apart from Sam and Dean, of course - but we love them, anyway! And despite this being AU, I really wanted to keep Dean and Sam in character - the bare basics of who they are, y'know? I started writing this when I was watching Season 2, and a lot of the conflicts and arguments and such between Dean and Sam from that season, inspired many of my interactions between them.

As for Sue and Mary...I wanted them to be 'real', y'know? And hey, as women, we're insecure and so not perfect, and I wanted my characters to be like that. I wanted two imperfect girls to be lucky enough to have Sam and Dean in their lives!

Ugh, okay, I'm getting carried away, here! But it's so great to hear from someone who appreciates what I'm trying to do with this story.

And again, now I feel so bad that you want more... :( Tell you what, if you REALLY wanna know more, but don't wanna wait until I get my head screwed back on right enough to write again, I could let you in on a basic rough summary of what I have in store for the rest? Or, well, as far as I have it planned out, anyway. Like I said, re-visiting my notes and such might do the trick to get me back into it again. I would really hope so!

Let me know what you think...and maybe PM me your email, if you wouldn't mind? I mean, I myself tend to kinda hate it when authors abandon unfinished stories...and now I went and did it myself! Not that I've abandoned it! I really just can't say for sure when I might have the time and energy to continue with it. But I totally don't wanna lose you as a 'fan' of it, so I'd be willing to let you know what I have planned! If you want to know! ;)

Again, thanks so much for getting back to me!

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