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Update: I Am OBSESSED!!!! <3
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And this was where it all started...

SDCC &amp;#39;13 Hall H

Okay, so I had watched 'Thor' sometime during last year, and already then I'd thought 'hmmm - this guy's kinda...cute. Nice eyes, pretty smile, and not to mention, acting the HELL out of that role. I mean come on - playing a scene opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins, and totally OWNING it?!

So yes, then already, I do believe, the seed was planted. But the day I watched the Comic Con, Hall H appearance...I was done. DONE for! Swept off my feet and just...blown away. And it's just been going on and on, since then. So much so, that I find myself watching Shakespeare?! Shakespeare that I BOUGHT, no less! And, of course, LOVING it, because I doubt there's a person alive who can make Shakespeare (or, let's be honest - ANYTHING?!) sound, well...sexy?! Because yes, have I mentioned his voice?! That accent?! *flails*

And yes, hence the flailing! Because Tom HAS the power to turn a 30 year old woman, into a twelve year old, flailing fangirl! And that IS what's happened to me! I haven't felt this way since, well...since I was about twelve, I think?! That man can literally make me a giddy, giggling, hyper-happy mess in one second flat. Or, a drooling, half-paralyzed mess, depending on the situation?! I actually do believe the latter happens the most, though! :P

Though I have to say - all shallowness aside, for a moment - he IS amazingly talented, too, in addition to being utterly freakin' GORGEOUS. Like I said, I'm watching Shakespeare because of him ('The Hollow Crown' mini-series), and I was literally left with my jaw hanging open at the sheer...TALENT, of him! And that was after watching just part one of 'Henry IV'. I mean, he's completely mind-blowing as Loki, and yet he pulls off something that's practically totally the opposite of that with such...ease. And in-between all that, he's on stage, too?! And have I mentioned how totally adorable he is in interviews and such? He's just one of those truly NICE, loving, caring people, who loves what he does, and it SHOWS in everything he does. And THAT - that, is why I think I've fallen hook, line and sinker for him!

And yes, at 30 years old, I am NOT ashamed to say that I AM a fangirl! A total, flailing fangirl!

Now, onto some photographic evidence of the awesomeness (and the extreme PRETTY?!)!

Thor 1 (Stills)
Avengers (RancidRainbow Caps) 12
Avengers (RancidRainbow Caps) 16
Avengers (RancidRainbow Caps) 25
Thor 2 (Trailer Caps) 1
Henry IV Part 1(Caps)
Henry IV Part 1(Caps) 3
Henry IV Part 2 (Caps) 4

*Screencap and Picture Credits To:







Sorry if I've forgotten anyone - there are just SOO many sources of pics of Tom, that it's kinda hard to keep up?! But extra special thanks to all of the above listed!

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I should've NEVER send you that comic con video!! ; ) Just kidding! I'm really happy for you. And well I do agree with you about everything you wrote about him, I'm just not going gooy like you. . . Well not over this Tom anyway! Toms. . . It's the drug we are on! Imported from Britain! Or well, I wish they would ship them over here! Anyway, you keep using and feeling high! And by that I mean being a flailing fangirl!! : )

HEAR HEAR, hun! And yes, our 'drugs of choice', indeed - Toms! English ones! :P

But you are right, I should thank YOU for sending me that vid! Because that sure DID do it?!

So yes, here IS to getting high, and being flailing fangirls!! :D

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