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Okay, That's It...
Sam Angry

Spoilery Season 8 Article

I hate Jeremy Carver.

Okay, I know, mostly EVERYONE is all 'whoo-hoo, can't wait for the new season'...but what.the.actual.fuck?!

This quote:

Was there anything you noticed that you were watching
that stood out like, “I really want to touch more on this,”
or “We should weed this away”?

First and foremost, I was really thrilled to see what [former showrunner] Sera [Gamble] and [executive
producer] Bob [Singer] had done with the show. At the
time, they had to pick up after [series creator] Eric [Kripke]
left. One of the things that struck me, and I think it’s almost
inevitable when you’re doing a genre show, is sometimes a
show gets buried under the weight of its own mythology.
And particularly with the brothers, if you zero in on
someone like Sam, that guy has so much stuff — the wall’s
up, the wall’s down. It gets a little confusing, even to me as I was catching up, exactly what is happening. So I think one
of the things I thought was maybe we can pull back on the
mythology and instead start a new myth story this year.
Obviously we’re not disregarding anything from the past,
but at least from the get-go, we’re starting everyone off on
a new ride that hopefully lasts two, three, whatever many seasons.

* * *

I read somewhere that Mr. Carver is apparently the 'pro-Dean' writer of the show. Yes, in other words what, he doesn't like Sam? So now he's just gonna take SEVEN YEARS worth of him, and ruin him?! Because come ON - he IS ruining Sam!

Okay, jeez, I know I've always said I don't usualy give my opinion on these things...but I can't help it. And I also know a LOT of people didn't like the Lisa/Ben crap either (my best friend included!) but I can't...I CAN'T abide this! They're messing with Sam - SAM! And I won't be able to watch it! There might be some parts of the S8 plot I'd like, or WOULD want to watch...but I CAN'T sit there and take that!

And isn't it the mythology that's always made the show great? It sure is for me. When they start bringing in 'new myths' for shows...you just know it's gonna be a mess! Why the heck fix something when it isn't broken?!

Ugh - it's the first time a season of SPN has begun that I'm GLAD I'm not in the US to be able to watch it.

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*HUGS* I feel the same way, hon. I was like "wtf??" when I first read that and I still don't understand it. I've also heard that Carver is a big Cas fan as well so that doesn't sit well with me. :( It sounds like he's taking Sam and making him so OOC and like a totally different guy. It doesn't leave me with a very good feeling at all. *sigh*

That said I hope to "fix" things a little with my Puppy!Sam picspams. And I'm hoping someone can churn out some good fix-it fic. I had to do that so many times when I was watching the final season of Stargate, it bothered me so much.

*hugs back* Yeah, I really just don't know - that interview pissed the hell outta me! The way he refers to Sam, specifically ('THAT guy', he says?!) - like Sam's character is a 'problem', or something?! I might be reading too much into it...but again, come ON! It sounds like Sam's the only one who's got such a lame plot going this season! Dean's all bad-ass hunter again, post-purgatory, and Sam's just...domesticated?! Like you say...WTF?!

I also really hope there will be some way, WAAAYY AU fics out there soon, to just...wipe this from my mind. I mean, it hasn't even aired yet, and I can't stand it!

Y'know...I already have an idea: That's not Sam - it's some stray Leviathan who wanted to try out not being a bad guy, or...something?! But it sure ISN'T SAM!

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