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Master Post + Header: "November Rain and Lightning Crashes" (Supernatural AU Fic)
November Rain & Lightning Crashes

Title: November Rain and Lightning Crashes
Author: anths_girl( with a LOT of help from ngc_lover!)
Characters/Pairing: Dean/OFC, Sam/OFC
Rating: PG-13 right through to NC-17 in certain parts. Each installment can be taken as PG-13, unless otherwise stated
Spoilers: None. Total AU. Supernatural without demons
Warnings: Uh...Supernatural without demons?! Angst, violence, rough sex, some dub-con, language
Disclaimer: Supernatural and it's characters belong to Kripke and The CW. Title from the songs November Rain by Guns 'N Roses and Lighting Crashes by Live. Original characters Mary and Sue are mine!
Summary: When Sam was six months old, a serial killer entered the Winchester home, and murdered Mary Winchester. The killer, however, gets away, the law never catching up with him.
After this, John Winchester decides to take matters into his own hands. He becomes a vigilante - hunting down his wife's killer, and other criminals.
Through the years, John Winchester's exploits become just as infamous as the criminals he hunts - until he, himself, finally gets caught.
Dean and Sam, having grown up on the road with their father, are thrown into the middle of a media frenzy.
Now aged twenty-two and eighteen, the boys are taken in by an old navy friend of John's. They change their last name, and avoid any more involvement with their father's lengthy and widely publicised trial.
This story picks up after all these events, and focuses on the only two women who ever truly knew and accepted - and loved - Dean and Sam Winchester for who they actually were.

A/N: HUGE shout out to my bff ngc_lover. This story is dedicated to you, hun! I'll never forget the tons of fun we had with this...and OUR BOYS!
Note to other readers, everything I write is unbeta'd, and being written on a cellphone! So pardon any errors, y'all.


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